The Comstock Music Festival

The Comstock Music Festivals are always held on the second Wind Ranch, north of the community of Comstock, Nebraska. This annual music festivals, include Comstock Windmill Festival (Country), Comstock Rock (Classic Rock), and Godstock (Christian). These are the largest music festivals in Nebraska, with Comstock Rock ranking among the largest in the United States, that attracts more than 50,000 attendees through the four days in Mid July. During these festivals, second Wind Ranch is the host to music goers from the whole country.

The first Comstock Festival in June of 2000 with a country star Brad Paisley was the 1-st installment of an annual event which would bring in country acts from the whole country. Comstock Festival 2001 expanded into a 4-day festival.

In 2002 many of rock bands took part in a many-days festival, dubbed Comstock Rock. The biggest rock festival in Midwest has featured the hottest bands in classic rock and the unforgettable atmosphere that was created by Comstock Rock continues to draw many people. The first Godstock Music Festival took place in August of 2003 and it was featured some of the biggest names in Christian music, all contributing to the biggest revival in Nebraska.